Different doesn’t equal weak

I never really considered myself to be different from others until about 3 years ago. A very good friend said “I love that you aren’t afraid to speak your mind.” She then proceeded to explain how she was envious of the fact that I could say what I wanted and not hold back. That interaction made me curious. What else did I do that others were secretly envious of and not telling me? And why didn’t others speak their mind? What’s wrong with having an opinion?

I started asking people. What do I do that you want to do but are scared to do? What are things you see in me that you strive to do for yourself? And the answers were staggering to me.

“I wish I could be blunt”

“I wish I could not care what others thought”

“I wish I could let things roll off my back”

“I wish I could be brave enough to tell people what I think”

“I wish I could love people who have hurt me”

“I wish I could find something I loved to do with the passion you have”

These are all statements that describe me and my traits as a person. I was under the impression that everyone did these things. I didn’t realize I was different in these respects. But let me share a few things I wish I could do.

I wish I could not replay a conversation in my head a thousand times thinking about how I could have said it better.

I wish I could not feel what others are feeling on so deep a level that their emotional state changes mine.

I wish I could understand why someone gets upset with me when I say what I’m thinking.

I wish I could filter my thoughts better so they didn’t just spill out of my mouth without thinking.

In my eyes, you have strength because you can do what I can’t. And in your eyes, I am strong because I can do what you cannot. Exploring this idea has made me realize that where they were weak, I was strong. And where they were strong, I was weak.

Everyone has a strength. Everyone has a weakness. Don’t judge others based on their weaknesses.

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